2016 Lab

Examining collaboration & defining a theatrical and cultural style

The 2016 Directors Lab: Melbourne will explore the role, challenges, opportunities and politics of collaboration in the creation of work and in creating and defining a theatrical and cultural style.  

How might an exploration of our processes and thinking about collaboration enrich our practices? What is the role of a director in a collective and collaborative process and how might the director better facilitate successful collaborations?

What opportunities lie within cross-cultural, cross-tribal, cross-sector and cross-artform collaborations?

If the map isn’t the territory, how might we expand our collaborations to remap our practices for the greater cultural good?

The Lab will run from 8am – 8pm over eight consecutive days as a combination of masterclasses, dynamic conversations, investigations, creative explorations and facilitated discussion of works seen at the Melbourne Festival. Directors will be actively involved as participants as well as presenters – sharing their skills, methodologies and techniques with a community of national and international directors.

2016 guest artists included Touretteshero (UK),  Teatro De Los Sentidos (Spain), Robert Lepage (Canada), Gob Squad (UK/Germany), The Rabble, Alice Lee Holland, Candy Bowers, Daniel Schlusser, Adena Jacobs, Snuff Puppets, Rawcus, Matt Lutton, Jane Harrison, Dan Giovannoni, Luke Kerridge, Christian Leavesley, Pop Up Playground, Hannie Rayson, Paul Jackson, Tom Holloway, Marg Horwell, Danielle Michich, Anna Cordingley, Kelly Ryall & Michael Scott Mitchell. 

Check out our video from the 2016 Lab!